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An Update on the "Living Room"

From February of 2022 until today we have had the privilege of walking with over 60 women and men through the studies of "Giving God Your Worst" and "Breaking the Shackles of Shame." A very large percentage of them have chosen to take part in the retreat which is offered at the end of the studies. From this retreat, there have been reported miraculous changes in their lives.

When asked, "What would you tell other women and men who are thinking of committing to these studies?" one woman answered, "100% necessary for growth and deeper relationship with Christ".

Another answered "It will be the best decision you could ever make for your healing heart-trust Him in leading you through it- just do it!"

When asked about the overall experience, one woman answered, "Really Wonderful! God's hand is all over this program and it is a pivotal point in my healing journey."

We have just finished five groups of participants and are getting ready to start up again this Fall. This is a commitment of one evening or morning a week for and estimated nine months. Following the studies is a five day retreat. If you are interested in diving into the deep end of the healing waters that God offers us or have an interest in helping other women and men through their journeys, please call First Choice and ask for Jen or email her at


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