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It's hard to believe but it's time for yet another academic year to begin! MSTC is already on week two, while public primary/secondary school and UWSP starts up next week. It's an exciting time as Central Wisconsin gets a new crew of students in town for an enriching educational experience. It's invigorating to think of thousands of students of varying ages coming into their unique talents and intelligences placed in them by God. Legacies are being founded! The next gen of world changers are being molded and shaped! What great hope and joy this brings! But some dreams... hopes... aspirations... callings... end abruptly. Sometimes it's because of financial burdens. Tuition isn't cheap and wo

A Week at the Institute.

God is fun. Let me just start with that, because it's true! He's faithful, loving, and comes through in ways we just don't quite expect it- and it's always good. A few months ago, E.D. Cindy Brengosz and myself qualified and applied for a scholarship to attend the Pregnancy Help Institute hosted by Heartbeat International at their headquarters in Ohio. On a crazy Thursday afternoon just before close, I took the call that not just Cindy, but both of us were accepted to the Institute. I had a very hard time remaining professional and waiting for her meeting to be completed before sharing the good news. We were going to Ohio!! So what did the scholarship entail? It included five days of Instit

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