Nine Years Strong

How do you encompass all of the wonderful things the Lord has done within the ministry of First Choice in the last nine years? After opening in June of 2007, countless stories of changed lives and new lives brought into the world have been written due in part to the work of First Choice and the vast team of donors, prayer warriors, volunteers, and staff. And to think that the first few clients served now have children in third and fourth grade! Wow. What an impact! This year alone, we've served 64 different clients over the course of 145 appointments to date. This does not include the clients receiving diapers provided for PNCC participants, emergency needs scenarios, or services provided to

We + Jesus

You + Me. You + First Choice. We + Jesus. What, then, is impossible? The sky is the limit when we consider our possibilities to grow and expand within the Central Wisconsin communities: extensive program marketing, coming along side county programs to fill in the gaps for pregnancy and parenting education services, a stronger men's program, reinforcing and expanding community abstinence and healthy relationships programs, implementation of STI testing... All very possible avenues for the future of First Choice. But like any growing program, we come under the limitations of growing pains. Our call to improve and expand upon current services is limited by the community and team financial suppo

There's So Much More!

In both the pro-life and pro-choice dialogue, folks agree that pregnancy centers like yours truly thoroughly love "saving babies." It's true, we love seeing moms and dads "choose life." We pray for it, while encouraging and providing resources for singles and couples alike to do so. We do not recommend, nor refer for abortions. We state it immediately through a disclaimer, and we do not provide information on where abortions are obtainable. Some chastise us for this, some celebrate us, but either way, we are not just about "saving babies." We are so much more! We are about empowering people to make positive choices about their body, and their futures. This means presenting education, resour

A Little Gift Can Go a Long Way

Simply, I'm asking you to consider becoming a Monthly Partner for the First Choice Giving Team. A monthly gift can have a great impact. If you are wondering whether your gift can make a difference, there is no need to wonder further. It can. Whether your gift is $15 or $500, the Lord uses each and every one to accomplish His purposes here. Our goal, our vision, is that one day our center will be the first stop for every woman in Central Wisconsin facing an unplanned pregnancy. Daily, we are seeking the Lord to give us guidance and provision to accomplish this! The Lord could take care of this quickly and easily. If He wanted, He could drop the material resources on the door steps of our cent

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