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We + Jesus

You + Me.

You + First Choice.

We + Jesus.

What, then, is impossible?

The sky is the limit when we consider our possibilities to grow and expand within the Central Wisconsin communities: extensive program marketing, coming along side county programs to fill in the gaps for pregnancy and parenting education services, a stronger men's program, reinforcing and expanding community abstinence and healthy relationships programs, implementation of STI testing...

All very possible avenues for the future of First Choice. But like any growing program, we come under the limitations of growing pains. Our call to improve and expand upon current services is limited by the community and team financial support. Offering free services comes at a great cost to the organization.

With that in mind, we trust in the Lord for our daily provision to continue our services.

He in turn trusts in our growing team to be His helping hands and provide the avenues for our funding. We are blessed by His movement in the hearts of many to continue stewarding a steady stream of financial support.

We are also continually blessed by His perfect timing. In season after season, we see His movement and how each detail is orchestrated through His hands. Whether it be a miracle in the life of a client, a transition of staffing and volunteers, or in the sending of a five figure check to carry us through a lull in finances.

We trust new doors and new avenues will open as we continue to seek Him for the provision and direction of our ministry. And we ask that you consider seeking the Lord for direction on how you can become more like the hands and feet of Jesus, helping First Choice as a ministry. Through you, we can succeed in His mission put deep in our hearts: to see healthy, wholesome, empowered people make the most of their futures and His calling on their lives.

But as we patiently wait in this season to see what the next one holds for this ministry, we praise Him, we worship Him, and we express incredible gratitude for every day we are able to serve another precious couple or individual who comes to us in need.

Thank you for considering First Choice as a place to team up and achieve the impossible, turning growing pains into a growing organization.

Because with you, me, and God, what can stop us?

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