The Stats + You

We have some celebrating to do, both on a national and state level! The abortion statistics are revealing rates are in fact still dropping! The efforts of many people, groups, and systems have made a dent in the abortion numbers. Between 2011 and 2012, abortion rates dropped to 13.2 abortions per 1000 women of childbearing age. That is a 5% decrease on a national scale! Of those who find themselves in unintended pregnancy situations, 60% are choosing life! Abortion clinics by and large are closing their doors as well. Recently Planned Parenthood of Appleton closed down after "Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin determined its Appleton North facility would not be able to meet the 'more stringent

Celebrating Aliya!

Over the last few months, First Choice has been blessed by the servant heart of one Aliya Thunder. We took her on as an intern and she brought joy, surprise visits by cute baby twins, and a genuine heart to our team. She learned quickly how to work with Clients as she observed and participated in appointments. Her glowing personality and genuine demeanor made Clients feel comfortable even when faced with fear and uncertainty. Simply put, the First Choice Team was absolutely blessed! In finishing her internship, I asked Aliya a couple of questions. They are listed below with her responses: What are you going to school for and which school are you attending? I'm going to school at Liberty Univ

Community Strong Against Trafficking

Hiding in plain sight, he eyes his next target. He is a predator. He watches every move, listens keenly. He waits till the right moment. She writes posts on Instagram a picture of her favorite people, including her younger siblings, mom, dad, and bffs. On Facebook she shares her school schedule for next year, and talks about what her sports schedule looks like. She Tweets her biggest dreams thus far as a 14 year old. She gets a friend request from someone new. A cute, older guy on Facebook, then he adds her on Instagram too. He says he graduated from the high school she'll be attending a couple years ago. Talks about teachers he's had that she's going to have soon. He tells her he wants to t

Bringing Home Gold.

She's 4' 8" and all of 19 years old. And she's put down one team gold medal in the 2016 Olympics History books. And is expected to take home three more. Her name is Simone Biles. She started her career at age six on a day-care field trip and it bloomed into years of training, passion, and rising star-dom in the world of gymnastics. She Took home her first two golds in the World Championships in 2013, which turned into four more in 2014, and another four in 2015. This very day, she competes in the Women' Individual All-Around gymnast event at the 2016 Olympics for Team USA. But it could have been different. Simone Biles could have easily never existed. Her star-dom, success, and talent could

Cutting Weight, Our Most Promising Update Yet!

Yesterday was HUGE day in the history of First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center. We upgraded roughly 1,000 pounds of equipment - 500 pounds unfortunately rendered faulty, and thus useless - to make way for 400 pounds of brand new, technologically updated product. Michael Espisito of Medical Consulting & Solutions Inc. personally delivered two brand new Samsung Ultrasound machines to BOTH First Choice locations. This highly anticipated delivery was greeted with joyous smiles, endless gratitude, and rejoicing! The fruits of many individual's labor had come to fruition! And it is truly beautiful! Our medical staff and volunteers smiling endlessly over what looks like fancy robot to the rest of

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