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Community Strong Against Trafficking

Hiding in plain sight, he eyes his next target. He is a predator. He watches every move, listens keenly. He waits till the right moment.

She writes posts on Instagram a picture of her favorite people, including her younger siblings, mom, dad, and bffs. On Facebook she shares her school schedule for next year, and talks about what her sports schedule looks like. She Tweets her biggest dreams thus far as a 14 year old.

She gets a friend request from someone new. A cute, older guy on Facebook, then he adds her on Instagram too. He says he graduated from the high school she'll be attending a couple years ago. Talks about teachers he's had that she's going to have soon. He tells her he wants to travel the world, feed starving children in Africa, and she becomes smitten because that's EXACTLY what she wants to do!

He tells her she's adorable.

"Can we meet up? ;)"