Understanding IPV

Domestic Abuse, otherwise known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), is a pattern of behaviors used by an intimate partner to maintain power and control over another partner. It can manifest in many ways and to (or by) anyone of any age, race, sex, gender or religion. It can happen to those who are married, co-habitating, or just dating. In other words, IPV does not discriminate! IPV includes a wide variety of behaviors that physically harm, cause fear, prevent a partner from doing what they wish or force them to do something they do not want to do. This can manifest in physical and sexual violence, threats, intimidation, or stalking, emotional abuse, reproductive coercion, digital abuse, an

Fatherhood Matters

This weekend is Father's Day. It's a day we celebrate men everywhere who take on the role of dad. These are men who have not only fathered children, but also men who have adopted children (physically and/or spiritually), became a step-father, or is just a stellar role-model in a father position for someone. There is no cookie cutter design for a dad. And we're super excited to celebrate them! ... Not JUST on Father's Day, but truly every day. Men play a large part in pregnancies, both planned, and unplanned. Definitely 50% of the part. BUT, it's not just the father of the baby, but also dad's of the couple. These particular men factor in as some of the largest deciding factors when undecided

Six Ways to Stay Involved

Wow. It's hard to believe Summer is right around the corner! Kids are counting down their last few days of school, graduations are sounding off, and it doesn't get dark till after 8pm! It's an exhilarating time for families, couples, and individuals all around as we're finally thawed out from our brutal WI Winter.... With the thaw, our doors have been thrown wide open! In the last two weeks of operation (seven days of which we were actually open), we have hosted 18 separate appointments, with another 12 scheduled for the following two weeks. WE ARE SO EXCITED! Seriously, we are praising God for all of these open doors to serve women and men in our Central Wisconsin Communities! Typically, S

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