Fatherhood Matters

This weekend is Father's Day. It's a day we celebrate men everywhere who take on the role of dad. These are men who have not only fathered children, but also men who have adopted children (physically and/or spiritually), became a step-father, or is just a stellar role-model in a father position for someone.

There is no cookie cutter design for a dad.

And we're super excited to celebrate them! ... Not JUST on Father's Day, but truly every day.

Men play a large part in pregnancies, both planned, and unplanned. Definitely 50% of the part. BUT, it's not just the father of the baby, but also dad's of the couple. These particular men factor in as some of the largest deciding factors when undecided about pregnancy.

Men matter.

When a dad chooses to be a 24/7 dad to a new baby, he's setting them up for success in an immense way. He's choosing to show that child that it is cared for, loved, and worth sacrificing for.

Men matter.

On the flip side, fatherlessness is on the rise across the country, leaving moms and kids without a second parent to emotionally, physically, and spiritually support the household. Studies show that children living absent of their biological fathers on average are more likely to be poor, experience educational, physical, emotional and psychological problem, and be victims of child abuse. They are also at a higher risk to engage in criminal behavior than their peers who lived with married, biological parents.

Men matter.

Male role-models, dads especially, teach the next generation of children how to honor, respect, and love one another. They teach children how to relate in a healthy way to other kids, adults, family members, and others in their lives.

Men matter.

When a man says he chooses to commit to a life time of marriage to a women, he brings security and safety to her life and future. He helps to create a stable life and transform her destiny.

Men matter.

Men matter.

Men matter.


Not just this Sunday on Father's Day, but every single day. They make a radical difference in the lives of those around them! And we need to continue to support and celebrate who God created them to be as brothers, and sons, and dads, and grandpas!

With all of that being said, seriously guys, Happy Father's Day! We appreciate each of you and celebrate enthusiastically all you do for the people in your life!

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