Something About Parachutes, Education, & Cluster Feeding

Tonight I sit in my daughter's nursery in my hand-me-down glider chair, keeping a close eye on my sleeping little girl in her very pink rock-n-play. I can't lie and tell you today has been an especially easy day. For the last five days I've been sick. Sneezy, snotty, hacking, hot mess. No doubt a consequence of only five - seven hours of sleep on average a night, with the hours in various clusters. Because of knowing I needed more sleep, I threw off the baby's schedule (sleep training is hard to establish and so easy to wreck), and thus re-establishing it has been a struggle. So that's my foundation I'm walking on. Then, throw in a thrush scare (still don't know if it's actually thrush), an

Things You Were (Probably) Told About Entering Parenthood, But Don't Believe

Last week I wrote about about some of the realities no one told you when it comes to labor and delivery. This week I'm going to share with you things you've probably heard, but to believing them is a whole other story. And here we go! 1. You will forget the pain of labor and delivery. During labor and immediately after delivery, I told my husband NEVER again. She is now one month old and so much bigger than when she was born... and I've decided we can definitely do this again! I think it's safe to say I've forgotten the worst of the pain. 2. Your recovery definitely won't be as bad as you think after giving birth (vaginally). Ibuprofen will be your friend. You'll definitely want to take that

Labor & Delivery 101: Things No One (Probably) Told You

Last week I shared with you how being a new mom has radically changed my heart. As soon as that itty bitty, totally dependent, little lady was laid on my chest, it was like something in my heart was unlocked; a new room that expanded my ability to love unconditionally ten fold. Being a mom is SO cool. Anyway, this week I wanted to share a few tid bits of information for expecting parents that perhaps you’ve never heard. 1. When you’re in labor, the hospital can choose to not admit you if you are not actively in labor. This means you might have to leave the hospital even though you’re in early labor. And early labor could mean you’ve been having contractions for many, many hours, perhaps even

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