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More Than a Pregnancy Test

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being invited to sit in on a Tuesday morning Bible study lead by advocate Cynthia P. If you've ever had the sincere pleasure of meeting her, she's a light bringer, full of joy, hope, and truth. Everywhere she goes she provides a beacon of Jesus' love for all to see.

As the moms filed in, the sweet sound of babies filled the childcare room. This room was a much needed addition to The Living Room after Bible studies started being held regularly. They were greeted by two additional volunteers with hearts so big, you can practically see Jesus bursting out of them.

Room made for children to play

In The Living Room, the ladies nestled into the cozy couches. It was clear they had spent many moments of vulnerability together growing into who Jesus desired them to be. Cynthia warmly welcomed the women who were each in different stages of pregnancy or parenting, and asked them to ready their hearts for worship. A precious mamma stood behind the keyboard and led us in worship through a couple of hand picked songs. It was a special time, a gift really, and one they experienced together on a weekly basis.

Women at a Bible study singing

My time was limited at this gathering. I wasn't able to sit in on the actually Bible study, but before I left I was able to get the real impact these studies have had on the women.

This is what they had to say:

"I wanted to get back on track. I do good with accountability, so having the pressure-not guilt- to read and be in The Word is helping to grow the habit again, especially with the Holy Spirit being the topic. It's changing my whole perspective. That was the missing piece. Faith and understanding the Holy Spirit as our daily help."

"When we first started [the Bible study] it was about being part of group of women and as being moms and not knowing people. But then it grew into understanding the Bible more. I think my issue is I could read the Bible but not understanding it and interpreting it. This helps us, and we talk about it and understand it together. We look at it as a whole and understand it as a whole."

"I was going to my pregnancy appointments and I told Cynthia I don't feel like my relationship with God is where it should be right now. It's very blah. There's something not right. And she said, "There's a Bible study!" So it was a little stressful at first because of the drive, but God has made it possible. In the process I've learned so much about myself and my relationship with God. The Holy Spirit has always lived in me. I've had this mindset that I have to do things to have the Holy Spirit but I don't! He's always there! This has been pushing me to pray more and I hadn't had a prayer life. Now I'm praying all the time.... It's nice having mom friends too."

Yes, First Choice PRC is a place for pregnancy tests and hope in the unknown, but it's also so much more. Call 715-345-0280 to see how you can get involved today, or swing into to either center for a tour. We'd love to have you be a part of our little slice of providing love, truth, and hope to Portage and Wood (and soon to be Marathon) counties.


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