Give, Bless, & Share.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For some it signals the madness of the holiday scramble: Black Friday shopping, elbow throwing insanity; Cyber Monday veg session shopping with AmazonSmile supporting First Choice; Frantic coupon-ing and deal spinning to get the best price on that thing your mom wants. For other it means gaining 10 lbs and overdosing on tryptophan, sugar, and mashed potatoes. Mmmm.....zzzzzzz. For others it is some of the most memorable, rich experiences with family and friends that will last for years to come. Sharing blessings, reflecting on passed memories and loved ones, and playing games. Laughter, bear hugs, and civil political debates... And yet for others, Thanksgiving mea

Shop With a Smile This Season.

This morning I googled shopping trends for the 2016 Holiday Season. They (whoever they are) are predicting that it's a 50/50 spread this year between online shopping and in store shopping. Choosing to shop online, you spare yourself the long lines, the elbows thrown by determined shoppers to get the last fluffy throw at 47% off, and driving in the snow -if we ever get any. (Check out these videos from CNN if you've never encountered the shopping madness on Black Friday) The chaos out there is real folks. Online though, you'll see product reviews, other suggested products, and price comparison between brands. All at your fingertips! If you haven't discovered the ease of online shopping, let m

#nevertrump and Post-Abortion

The election is over and the country is divided. Literally almost down the middle, 50/50, via popular vote. The #nevertrumpers are getting ready to leave for Canada, crashing the immigration website overnight, while the slogan ballad "Make America Great Again" is projected by all ages and demographics across our great country. Regardless of your stance, plan your next words, and next steps in humility and grace. You never know what your cruel words can do to the soul of someone. Which brings me to a topic on the heart of our ministry: Post-Abortion Trauma. Abortion is a sensitive topic. Oftentimes it's more convenient to remain ignorant than to confront the statistic that one in five of all

Sing a Little Louder

Earlier this week, I published a Facebook post. It looked like this: I had seen this video via an email just that morning. It shook me. It made my stomach sink. How could they sit every Sunday listening to cattle cars full of human beings being taken to slaughter and do nothing? Why did they keep silent about such atrocities, but chose to sing louder praises to the Lord for His goodness? And one could make a million excuses for their apathy, but one could also give a million examples of ways they could have made an impact to save the lives of more than 18 million people. But instead, they only sang just a little louder, drowning the cries of the millions carted off to slaughter, torture, and

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