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#nevertrump and Post-Abortion

The election is over and the country is divided. Literally almost down the middle, 50/50, via popular vote. The #nevertrumpers are getting ready to leave for Canada, crashing the immigration website overnight, while the slogan ballad "Make America Great Again" is projected by all ages and demographics across our great country.

Regardless of your stance, plan your next words, and next steps in humility and grace. You never know what your cruel words can do to the soul of someone.

Which brings me to a topic on the heart of our ministry: Post-Abortion Trauma.

Abortion is a sensitive topic. Oftentimes it's more convenient to remain ignorant than to confront the statistic that one in five of all pregnancies end in abortion. It's easier to avoid the topic altogether under the weight of our busy lives.

But the following isn't a monologue about ending abortion. Instead, this is a monologue about helping those whose hearts, bodies, and lives have been harmed by the choice to abort.

With 1:5 women of childbearing age carrying the weight of abortion in their hearts, there is the potential for a large portion of our society to be suffering from the undue negative burden of post-abortive trauma. This trauma can effect every detail of their lives, physical and emotional health, down to the way the relate to other people, like spouses, children, and friends.

I want you to take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of someone who is post-abortive.

You may have tried to repress memories of the abortion, like the sounds of the vacuum aspirator, or the date it occurred, or even the music you were listening to when you found out you were pregnant.