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Sing a Little Louder

Earlier this week, I published a Facebook post. It looked like this:

I had seen this video via an email just that morning. It shook me. It made my stomach sink.

How could they sit every Sunday listening to cattle cars full of human beings being taken to slaughter and do nothing? Why did they keep silent about such atrocities, but chose to sing louder praises to the Lord for His goodness?

And one could make a million excuses for their apathy, but one could also give a million examples of ways they could have made an impact to save the lives of more than 18 million people.

But instead, they only sang just a little louder, drowning the cries of the millions carted off to slaughter, torture, and slavery.

In my devotional this morning, I came upon this quote by C.S. Lewis from his book Mere Christianity:

The Son of God became a man to enable men to become Sons of God.

This simple quote blatantly states that Jesus came to demonstrate and enable the humans of the world to do as He did.

So, what did he do?

+ He touched the untouchables.

+ He honored both males and females.

+ He respected and treated equal other ethnic groups.

+ He highly revered children, saying us adults will only make it into the Kingdom of Heaven if we come like little children.

He came to save every single person: deplorable or the righteous, Jew or Gentile, young or old.

And He always gave them the choice: Righteousness and the Narrow Gate? Or sin, wickedness, and death?


Today, we are called to be as He was as we face the 21 century Holocaust of the unborn.

People of action. People of truth. People who deeply care for the deplorable and the righteous, the invalid and able-bodied, all shades of ethnicity, male, and female from the moment of conception to death.

So, what do we do if we don't just sing a little louder?

We show up, standing for truth and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Using God's Word as a foundation for activism and awareness, we share with our family, friends, and neighbors the truths of abortion, fetal development, healthy relationships and sexuality and encourage them to act as well.

Partner with organizations that are for the pre-born, adoption, and the education of new mothers and fathers.

Lovingly and compassionately support mothers and fathers, even if their life choices don't follow your doctrine of marriage and parenting.

Speak truth in the silent places, the hurting places, and the awkward places.

Pray, but don't forget to get on the front lines every once in awhile.


Do your part. Don't let your apathy today haunt you when the statistics reveal the true horrors.

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