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Give, Bless, & Share.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For some it signals the madness of the holiday scramble: Black Friday shopping, elbow throwing insanity; Cyber Monday veg session shopping with AmazonSmile supporting First Choice; Frantic coupon-ing and deal spinning to get the best price on that thing your mom wants.

For other it means gaining 10 lbs and overdosing on tryptophan, sugar, and mashed potatoes. Mmmm.....zzzzzzz.

For others it is some of the most memorable, rich experiences with family and friends that will last for years to come. Sharing blessings, reflecting on passed memories and loved ones, and playing games. Laughter, bear hugs, and civil political debates...

And yet for others, Thanksgiving means working extra long hours without family, or maybe family and funds just aren't something plentiful at this time in life.