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Things You Were (Probably) Told About Entering Parenthood, But Don't Believe

Last week I wrote about about some of the realities no one told you when it comes to labor and delivery. This week I'm going to share with you things you've probably heard, but to believing them is a whole other story.

And here we go!

1. You will forget the pain of labor and delivery.

During labor and immediately after delivery, I told my husband NEVER again. She is now one month old and so much bigger than when she was born... and I've decided we can definitely do this again!

I think it's safe to say I've forgotten the worst of the pain.

2. Your recovery definitely won't be as bad as you think after giving birth (vaginally).

Ibuprofen will be your friend. You'll definitely want to take that. You'll also probably want to take those nice ice packs to shove into your mesh panties from the hospital and live it up while your supplies last. BUT, you'll soon realize how incredible your body is.

As you breastfeed, oxytocine will make your uterus contract from a watermelon down to the size of your fist. This will be oddly painful, you'll bleed, and it will take a few weeks for things to go back to normal, but seriously. You will most likely be very surprised at how quickly the bleeding becomes less heavy, your baby belly disappears, and how you'll physically feel more normal than you could have imagined.