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Things You Were (Probably) Told About Entering Parenthood, But Don't Believe

Last week I wrote about about some of the realities no one told you when it comes to labor and delivery. This week I'm going to share with you things you've probably heard, but to believing them is a whole other story.

And here we go!

1. You will forget the pain of labor and delivery.

During labor and immediately after delivery, I told my husband NEVER again. She is now one month old and so much bigger than when she was born... and I've decided we can definitely do this again!

I think it's safe to say I've forgotten the worst of the pain.

2. Your recovery definitely won't be as bad as you think after giving birth (vaginally).

Ibuprofen will be your friend. You'll definitely want to take that. You'll also probably want to take those nice ice packs to shove into your mesh panties from the hospital and live it up while your supplies last. BUT, you'll soon realize how incredible your body is.

As you breastfeed, oxytocine will make your uterus contract from a watermelon down to the size of your fist. This will be oddly painful, you'll bleed, and it will take a few weeks for things to go back to normal, but seriously. You will most likely be very surprised at how quickly the bleeding becomes less heavy, your baby belly disappears, and how you'll physically feel more normal than you could have imagined.

Your body was made to rock at this. And it will.

3. Baby blues are a thing.

Seriously. You've just had crazy amounts of hormones coursing through your body to support your pregnancy. Now, that baby is on the outside of the world, your hormones are changing dramatically, and your whole world has taken a shift.

You're probably going to cry. If not from being overwhelmed or nervous about life with a new baby, definitely because you've never felt so much love in your entire life. Or, at least sheer amazement that the baby you made inside of you is now the baby you made in your arms.

PLEASE talk to someone about your feelings. It doesn't matter how silly you feel for crying. It doesn't matter how you can't even explain WHY you're crying. Just talk to someone to be sure you're feelings haven't progressed to Post Partum Depression or Anxiety.

If you feel overwhelmingly like you can't take care of yourself or your child, or are constantly in a state of fear or anxiousness, this is not normal. Please talk to your health care provider.

4. You will sleep again!

You will, I promise.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. This will be your best weapon against not sleeping. The laundry CAN wait. Order in dinner. The bathroom can be dirty one more day.

Take time to sleep.

5. Say yes when others offer to help you.

I don't care how stubborn and independent you are. If someone you trust wants to help you, let them! They can fold laundry, hold your baby while you nap, scrub your toilet, cook you a meal, or go grocery shopping for you.

This is a big time of transition and it's ok to say yes to people. Don't rob others of the blessing they want to give to you!

6. You can say no.

I know ^^ I just said to say yes, but you are at liberty to say no. You can say no to guests when you're tired or overwhelmed. You can say no to leaving the house. You can say no to answering people's texts, calls, or social media.

You can also say no to people holding your child--- and do so without excuse. And you definitely can say no to anyone kissing your baby if you don't want them to.

You're a new parent. No is the most empowering word on many, many occasions. Learn to embrace "no" in a guilt free manner.

7. You will go through so many diapers the first month your baby is home.

I think we've gone through roughly 250 newborn diapers (at least) in this first month. She'll fill her diaper, and when the clean one is on, she'll wreck it immediately. OR she'll wreck it before it's even on her. And then 15 minutes later, she'll probably do it again.

And the cycle will continue.

8. You will spend so very much of your time the first month staring at your baby.

Really though, you'll do this alot. You'll stare so much you'll probably watch your babe grow. You'll drink in every detail of their little face, toes, fingers.... you'll touch their ears and nose and hair all the time. You'll identify dimples, creases, and rolls.

And you'll love every minute of it.

Enjoy parenthood. It's worth it!

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