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Six Ways to Stay Involved

Wow. It's hard to believe Summer is right around the corner! Kids are counting down their last few days of school, graduations are sounding off, and it doesn't get dark till after 8pm! It's an exhilarating time for families, couples, and individuals all around as we're finally thawed out from our brutal WI Winter....

With the thaw, our doors have been thrown wide open! In the last two weeks of operation (seven days of which we were actually open), we have hosted 18 separate appointments, with another 12 scheduled for the following two weeks.

WE ARE SO EXCITED! Seriously, we are praising God for all of these open doors to serve women and men in our Central Wisconsin Communities! Typically, Summer's are consistently slower, but so far, God has bigger plans for First Choice!

With all of that being said, we need your continued support more than ever!

So how can YOU stay involved this Summer?

1. Attend an event! >On June 10th at Pfiffner Park in Stevens Point at 5pm there will be a FREE awareness concert with free food, drinks, and kids activities. First Choice will be there! >Register for the 2017 Golf for Life tournament on August 11th at the Wisconsin River Golf Club! You can do that here!

>Attend a monthly prayer meeting at Mission Coffee House at 8:30am every third Tuesday of each month!

2. Become a monthly donor to support the mission, providing funds to keep the doors open for serving!

3. Provide a matching donation as a business or individual! Choose your dollar amount, share with use what you will match and we can do the leg work to encourage donors to meet the mark!

4. Visit a center! Stop in and say hi! We'd love to meet you and hear why you're interested in First Choice!

5. Pray for First Choice! We definitely need the prayers to continue ministering and meeting the needs and challenges within our community.

6. Volunteer! Seriously! It's a great opportunity to give back to your community!

Those are just six simple ways you can get involved with First Choice this Summer to help ensure we can continue to keep our doors open to serve!

Thanks for considering us, and for your continued support!

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