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Celebrating Aliya!

Over the last few months, First Choice has been blessed by the servant heart of one Aliya Thunder. We took her on as an intern and she brought joy, surprise visits by cute baby twins, and a genuine heart to our team. She learned quickly how to work with Clients as she observed and participated in appointments. Her glowing personality and genuine demeanor made Clients feel comfortable even when faced with fear and uncertainty.

Simply put, the First Choice Team was absolutely blessed!

In finishing her internship, I asked Aliya a couple of questions. They are listed below with her responses:

What are you going to school for and which school are you attending?

I'm going to school at Liberty University Online. I am on the road to gaining my B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Christian Counseling.

Why did you choose First Choice for your internship?

I chose First Choice for my internship because I had heard, through friends, that they were a great Christian organization. I also wanted to get involved in my community in a new way. First Choice gave me the opportunity to serve others and live out my faith in a very real setting.

What is your favorite aspect of First Choice?

My favorite aspect of First Choice is that they are making a difference in the community by helping a demographic that is too often ignored. First Choice has a clear, God-centered vision that they strive to fulfill every day in their centers.

Why do you support First Choice?

I support First Choice because I have seen first-hand how influential the organization has been in the lives of women, men, and children. I want to see their positive influence continue for many years to come.

I have been completely blessed by the people I have met at First Choice Both the staff and the clients will have a lasting impact on my life. I have learned so much during my internship and have enjoyed i completely!

Aliya, husband Zach, and twins Jael and Hosea

Pictured: Aliya, husband Zach, and twins Jael and Hosea

We are so excited for the journey your on Aliya and are blessed you have made us a part of it! We look forward to see the journey God is taking you and your precious family on! Thank you for the time you've served!

**First Choice is willing to take on interns in multiple fields. Counseling, public relations, grant writing, and graphic design are just a couple of areas we're looking for. Call 715-345-0280 if you think you're talent/educational needs would be a good fit for First Choice.**

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