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Cutting Weight, Our Most Promising Update Yet!

Yesterday was HUGE day in the history of First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center. We upgraded roughly 1,000 pounds of equipment - 500 pounds unfortunately rendered faulty, and thus useless - to make way for 400 pounds of brand new, technologically updated product.

Michael Espisito of Medical Consulting & Solutions Inc. personally delivered two brand new Samsung Ultrasound machines to BOTH First Choice locations. This highly anticipated delivery was greeted with joyous smiles, endless gratitude, and rejoicing!

The fruits of many individual's labor had come to fruition! And it is truly beautiful!

Our medical staff and volunteers smiling endlessly over what looks like fancy robot to the rest of the staff, brought a warming to my heart. As they continued to chat in medical terminology - which sounded like a foreign language to me - their passion and commitment for this ministry was clearly evident.

Cindy, the current Interim-ED, and I beamed throughout the delivery at this immense blessing the whole initiative has been. It took a variety of team work, stemming from Board Members and prior and current ED, to the multiple Knights of Columbus councils, medical director and our machine representative to get to this point.

The best part?

Every single team member has a passion for the life of pre-born.

In the Bible it says,

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Psalm 39:13-14

These updated machines will provide even more clear images in higher definition than the prior devices, opening the window to the womb even further. New parents, free of charge and totally confidentially, will be able to see with clarity His creation as a baby forms in a mammas womb.

As this is written, there is nothing more than simply awe in my heart:

The initiative has been a success.

We have arrived at a higher medical standard.

And our thanks and gratitude can not be shared more with the folks that helped us achieve this.

Surely, the impact for change in the culture of unplanned pregnancies this brings will have a lasting legacy. Of this, I have eons of faith!

\\So, with all of this celebration, praising the Lord, and preparing to see the organization doors flung wide open, is anyone interested in a fully functional, older, Sequoia Ultrasound machine? Contact First Choice with inquiries as we make decisions regarding the future of the prior working device!//

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