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Cutting Weight, Our Most Promising Update Yet!

Yesterday was HUGE day in the history of First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center. We upgraded roughly 1,000 pounds of equipment - 500 pounds unfortunately rendered faulty, and thus useless - to make way for 400 pounds of brand new, technologically updated product.

Michael Espisito of Medical Consulting & Solutions Inc. personally delivered two brand new Samsung Ultrasound machines to BOTH First Choice locations. This highly anticipated delivery was greeted with joyous smiles, endless gratitude, and rejoicing!

The fruits of many individual's labor had come to fruition! And it is truly beautiful!

Our medical staff and volunteers smiling endlessly over what looks like fancy robot to the rest of the staff, brought a warming to my heart. As they continued to chat in medical terminology - which sounded like a foreign language to me - their passion and commitment for this ministry was clearly evident.