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Bringing Home Gold.

She's 4' 8" and all of 19 years old.

And she's put down one team gold medal in the 2016 Olympics History books. And is expected to take home three more.

Her name is Simone Biles.

She started her career at age six on a day-care field trip and it bloomed into years of training, passion, and rising star-dom in the world of gymnastics. She Took home her first two golds in the World Championships in 2013, which turned into four more in 2014, and another four in 2015. This very day, she competes in the Women' Individual All-Around gymnast event at the 2016 Olympics for Team USA.

But it could have been different. Simone Biles could have easily never existed. Her star-dom, success, and talent could all be the story of someone else.