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There's So Much More!

In both the pro-life and pro-choice dialogue, folks agree that pregnancy centers like yours truly thoroughly love "saving babies."

It's true, we love seeing moms and dads "choose life." We pray for it, while encouraging and providing resources for singles and couples alike to do so. We do not recommend, nor refer for abortions. We state it immediately through a disclaimer, and we do not provide information on where abortions are obtainable.

Some chastise us for this, some celebrate us, but either way, we are not just about "saving babies."

We are so much more!

We are about empowering people to make positive choices about their body, and their futures. This means presenting education, resources, and options that aim for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

My personal favorite service encompasses the all of the above in a very personal way: Parenting Education.

We're still trying to discover a proper name for this particular services - please suggest your recommendations in the comments :) - but it is the foundation of our long term support at First Choice for moms and dads.

This service specifically can support a pregnant individual or couple throughout pregnancy, infancy and into the age of toddler-dom. And it's not designed for just first time parents. Moms and dads with children who are looking to boost child development knowledge, touch up on some skills, or need a safe place to ask parenting questions need not look any further: First Choice can help!

Unintended/unplanned pregnancy rates, like abortion rates, are continually dropping, but that doesn't mean parents are still 100% prepared for parenting- truth is, no parent really is, but that's where First Choice comes in.

We help mom's and dad's with the basics:

✓ Changing diapers

✓ What do you need in your nursery?

✓ Bathing your baby

✓ Breast milk, formula, and food

✓ Stages of labor

✓ Developmental milestone

✓ Bonding

✓ Routines


We are in full support that the first diaper you change takes place before your brand new arrival comes into the world (Basic skills are practiced on infant sized dolls)!

This program provides a safe place for parents to ask questions, problem solve and plan out big decisions, and obtain resources that are available in the community. Individuals and couples are invited weekly to attend a new class, with a program catered to their individual needs. For an hour, we focus solely on empowering clients to become educated parents and well prepared individuals.

I've seen how successful the program can be, focusing on weekly goals and topics to help clients not only learn basic parenting skills, but important life skills as well. The benefit of this program stretches beyond one generation, generating a new family culture that can transform a legacy.

It goes to show, we are doing so much more than just "saving babies."

We are transforming generations.

We are impacting a culture.

We are improving, not just saving, lives.

We are so much more.

**Help us get the word out about this extensive program. If you know of a pregnant individual or couple, share our program with them. If you need information about any services proved by First Choice for your work place or community organization, please request it. We believe in a community filled with well prepared parents, and we can only do that with your help referring parents to us!**

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