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A Little Gift Can Go a Long Way

Simply, I'm asking you to consider becoming a Monthly Partner for the First Choice Giving Team.

A monthly gift can have a great impact.

If you are wondering whether your gift can make a difference, there is no need to wonder further. It can.

Whether your gift is $15 or $500, the Lord uses each and every one to accomplish His purposes here.

Our goal, our vision, is that one day our center will be the first stop for every woman in Central Wisconsin facing an unplanned pregnancy. Daily, we are seeking the Lord to give us guidance and provision to accomplish this!

The Lord could take care of this quickly and easily. If He wanted, He could drop the material resources on the door steps of our centers tomorrow. Unfortunately though if He did, many of us would miss an opportunity to be a part of His provision. We each have a part to play, and in this, we see His grace, love, and faithfulness.

So, another way instead of dropping everything in our laps, perhaps the Lord wants us each to take stock in ourselves and consider how we might make a difference.

At this time, your monthly support - of any amount - would assist us in taking this ministry to another level of stability. If you are interested in offering your monthly support, simply write monthly support on your next check donation and we will do the rest! Or, consider electronic giving as an option by clicking here!

Consider it, will you? We'd love you to join our growing family of financial supporters!

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