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Thank God for Women.

Go watch this.

Yesterday, as you may know, was International Women's Day. With it's earliest roots observed as far back as 1909 in New York, International Women's Day is now an established fully established and observed by the United Nations General Assembly (and has been so since 1975). The observance is celebrate March 8 of each year, and has a corresponding theme that is recognized on a global level.

We at First Choice celebrate women, both the born and pre-born, each and every day. Their strength, dignity, grace, and sheer prowess to take on the world is specifically unique and empowering.

Not only do we celebrate women at First Choice, we also fight for them, empower them, respect them, and treat them with the utmost dignity.

Each and every day we fight for the right for women to be women as they are created to be. We stand our ground within our culture to deliver 100% accurate, science derived education about their reproductive choices. We serve women with the highest level of compassion to remind them that they were made uniquely and for a specific purpose on this earth. We speak life into women, reminding them they are clothed in strength and dignity, that no battle is too big to conquer, and no valley too deep to climb from.

We worked yesterday, today, and all days to empower women to embrace who they're called to be through resources, education, and the love of Jesus Christ.

The work we do within the confines of our organizations is our honor and God orchestrated calling. We each have been called in one way, shape, or form to be a part of this mission. Whether it's through creative ideas, organizational skills or marketing plans; past experience that drive us to serve those who may find themselves in similar shoes we once wore; or our strong desire to see women elevated out of a hopeless place and into a healthy, promising future, we are all working to see the lives of women transformed!**