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A Decade Worth Celebrating.

First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc. came into the non-profit sector the Summer of 2007 to bring hope, encouragement, and resources to unexpectedly pregnant women, men, and teens.

It began in one center in Stevens Point, eventually expanding to a second center in Wisconsin Rapids. Pregnancy testing evolved into ultrasound services. Parenting education was transformed from older resources, into a well organized, updated HOPE program. Office hours expanded and unified. Fundraisers and events grew and became established, while means of communication improved and were enhanced.

It's been one incredible decade of growth, transformation, and establishing!

And to begin the year of celebration for a decade of transforming lives, we are ready to unveil our 2017 theme:

Hope Found embodies our principles as an established organization, the work we do to serve our communities, and the faith that grounds each staff, volunteer, and board member individually.