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Holiday Text Line!

The holiday season is upon us and Team First Choice is busy closing up 2016. The doors have been flung wide open as of late, and our Team is serving members of the Central Wisconsin Community in many different ways.

While much of the community was unaware, we've made some updates to our communication methods. Those needing services can now book pregnancy tests, HOPE classes, and recovery classes with a simple click of a "Book Now" button at any time of the day or night through our website. This can be done via mobile device or desktop.

For clients who have questions, or would rather schedule appointments via texting, we have opened a new texting line! The number differs from our regular office number, but it is listed throughout the website and is: 715-575-1194. This simple line of communication provides more access for clients over a broader range of hours, as well as the weekends. This provides them with a sense of anonymity as well as an ease of access.