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An Open Door

Abortion is one of the hottest topics in lieu of the election. On one end, abortion is supported through full term gestation, while on the opposite end, abortion is limited. Wherever you sit on the matter, in this election, you'll have to make the choice on where you stand in just under two weeks.

The reality of abortion though is one in five pregnancies end in abortion, says Guttmacher Institute in their 2011 statistic. Which means regardless of your stance, regardless of your political endorsement, if you know five women of childbearing age, the chance of you encountering a woman who experienced abortion is very real.

So, if one in five women have chosen to terminate pregnancy for any number of reasons, there are many women carrying what can be the burden of its truth. Whether they recognize the humanity of the pre-born or deem it's existence less than human, there still comes the potential of emotional trauma for her and those involved in decision making process.

By my own research, part of the medical community recognizes Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) to be a very real condition, while others still default to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Regardless of which label you cover post-abortive emotional trauma with, it can be very real, and very painful.