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Consider it! Volunteer Advocacy.

Volunteer Advocacy is the backbone of First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center. Volunteers, as well as staff when needed, provide all education, information, and compassionate care support to women and men participating in services at either center!* Without volunteer advocates, it becomes a challenging environment for staff to juggle all of the necessary organizational tasks, as well as client appointments.

Like I said, volunteer advocacy is the backbone of our organization, and we are extremely thankful for the wonderful women who serve in that capacity in both locations at this time! They are a blessing and play an enormous part in God's provision for our ministry!

With that being said:


I can not rave enough about these ladies, and how they are serving the Lord in such a powerful way. Their dedication to the ministry through the ups and downs is incredible and inspiring!

But, there's a but to all praises.

But, we need more volunteers just like our current volunteer advocates. And not just women, but men alike. We need Christian volunteers who "love the Lord with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind" who have a heart to serve the brokenhearted, lost, and pregnant (seemingly so, and confirmed).

It's an incredibly fullfilling volunteer opportunity available to anyone over the age of 18. Volunteers go through a lengthy training process, readying them to be able to sensitively and compassionately provide services for the varying clients that come through our doors. Advocates help clients navigate their crisis, providing resources, options, and answers to their questions. Advocates also facilitate the HOPE (Hands on Parenting Education) program to help move parents and care givers forward into successful parenting.

A special area of our program focuses on men only services. These services are for males, provided by males, to help new dad's prepare to become a parent, and the head of the household. Male advocate mentors provide one-on-one mentorship and education to male clients. To become a male advocate mentor, a qualifying volunteer will participate in a training period similar to female volunteers.

At this time, First Choice does not have any available male mentors. It is incredibly crucial for us to recruit life-affirming, Christian males who have a heart to mentor new dads. The Bible speaks throughout its pages of men leading the home with an accurate display of priorities, guidance, and love. It's these principles of fatherhood that are desperately in need of communicating to new dads. If you've got a passion for impacting families, and encouraging men through mentorship, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!

If volunteer advocacy is something that the Lord is laying on your heart, please consider calling 715-345-0280 to learn more about getting started today. We are looking forward to hearing form you!

Let no on seek his own good, but that of his neighbor.

1 Corinthians 10:24

*Exclusions to the above are medical services, which are provided by staff member Charlene Goodwin RN

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