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To the Next Ten Years.

It seems I've taken a bit of a break from keeping up with weekly blog postings from First Choice- Like a whole month and some odd days.

But, I will tell you, in the mean time we executed the most incredible celebration and fundraiser in First Choice history, and have the stories, numbers, and excitement to tell the tale! We all agree it might be hard to top this year's event next!

And for those that missed the event, I want to share a few thank you's before we get to the meat of this blog:

First off, to our sponsors- Truly we thank you for your underwriting support. Without you, our fundraising efforts start in the negative. This year's underwriting sponsors included:

Dan Demers with Thrivent Financial!

Robert V. Kryshak, Nash Law Group- Wisconsin Rapids

Goodwin Construction

Wolosek Christmas Trees

Portage County Chapter of WI Right to Life

Higher Grounds Bakery

Tri-City Right to Life

Next, thank you to our vendor, and dessert provider! SentryWorld, per their usual, brought top notch service taking care of all of the details with smiles! And to Jacqualyn of Higher Grounds Bakery in Wisconsin Rapids, your cake art was beautiful and we are thankful for your perseverance even in the midst of a power outage!

A special thank you goes to the founders- Emily Martin, and Tracy Deitz (Wisc. Rapids), steering committee, and original board members. Without your vision, faith, and perseverance, First Choice PRC could not have made the impact in the last decade.

To the past staff, advocates, and board member, thank you for your attendance and support! We pray you see your legacy is expanding every day!

Another thank you goes out to our present staff, advocates, and board members. You are all rock stars, and this team is the successful team it is because YOU are on it.

Thank you Michele Pillar and Matt! We are thankful for you precious hearts and willingness to tell your story. What a joy to have met you and an honor to call you friends.

An extra special shout-out, thank you, gold star moment to Alyssa Opalewski and Alana Raymond- and your precious kiddos. You both stole the show with your willingness to share what First Choice has done in your lives. It's truly been an honor to walk along side you both and see the amazing mothers you are today! We love you!

And lastly, a huge thank you to Executive Director Cindy Brengosz- Your attention to detail and personal touch was evident in the glamour, class, and overall success of this year's Banquet. You are truly a gifted leader and lover of life.

Now, with all the that being said, there was a brief piece of the Banquet attendees may or may not have caught. It began with an overview of First Choice PRC and a flash of this logo:

And ended with this logo and a present explanation of where First Choice PRC is headed:

Without much explanation, we shared with those in attendance a first glance at the new logo. This logo represents a bold look at what we at First Choice PRC. We offer women and men (exemplified by the pink and blue heart) pregnancy and parenting services to help them make the best choices for their future. We recognize both parents are incredibly important in the life of a child, and we do our best to provide services the support both!

So, over the next few months don't be alarmed if you see our new logo emblazoned on various publications, including our website, Instagram and Facebook. We'll be updating our physical organization signs on the front of our centers in the coming months as well.

Thank you so much for your patience as we make the change over. We are truly looking forward to what the next ten years may bring!

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