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To the Next Ten Years.

It seems I've taken a bit of a break from keeping up with weekly blog postings from First Choice- Like a whole month and some odd days.

But, I will tell you, in the mean time we executed the most incredible celebration and fundraiser in First Choice history, and have the stories, numbers, and excitement to tell the tale! We all agree it might be hard to top this year's event next!

And for those that missed the event, I want to share a few thank you's before we get to the meat of this blog:

First off, to our sponsors- Truly we thank you for your underwriting support. Without you, our fundraising efforts start in the negative. This year's underwriting sponsors included:

Dan Demers with Thrivent Financial!

Robert V. Kryshak, Nash Law Group- Wisconsin Rapids

Goodwin Construction

Wolosek Christmas Trees

Portage County Chapter of WI Right to Life

Higher Grounds Bakery

Tri-City Right to Life

Next, thank you to our vendor, and dessert provider! SentryWorld, per their usual, brought top notch service taking care of all of the details with smiles! And to Jacqualy