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A Week at the Institute.

God is fun.

Let me just start with that, because it's true! He's faithful, loving, and comes through in ways we just don't quite expect it- and it's always good.

A few months ago, E.D. Cindy Brengosz and myself qualified and applied for a scholarship to attend the Pregnancy Help Institute hosted by Heartbeat International at their headquarters in Ohio. On a crazy Thursday afternoon just before close, I took the call that not just Cindy, but both of us were accepted to the Institute.

I had a very hard time remaining professional and waiting for her meeting to be completed before sharing the good news. We were going to Ohio!!

So what did the scholarship entail? It included five days of Institute training with a small, intimate group of participants, meals, transport from hotel to HQ and back, and lodging.

It sounds basic, but it was one of the most inspiring and equipping conferences we've been too. The Institute was so well designed. It covered every aspect of who we are in pregnancy help ministry. We were educated in organizational practices, ministered to spiritual, inspired by God's movement across the country and around the world, and felt a bit on vacation as we ate some of the best snacks and meals, as well as fully enjoyed a super nice hotel stay.

Seriously, it was everything we didn't really know we needed. We're so thankful for Heartbeat for the opportunity to attend. Both Cindy and I are ready to hit the ground running with our team, and serve Central Wisconsin.

But wait, there's more. Because God is really fun.

You see this photo? ^^

Friday morning began with a devotional of rejoicing when others rejoice, and weeping when others weep, and another scholarship recipient's testimony of the obstacles of getting to the conference. She reached out to the Heartbeat Team to regretfully inform them she could not attend. Though completely understanding of her circumstances, the Heartbeat Team insisted she press in and make a way. And ultimately, this precious woman got organizational approval for the event, and was it ever worth it....

Heartbeat International has a precious donor who wanted to provide more for the work we do in the Pregnancy Help Ministry. This donor cut a $5,000 check to one special center. And, it just so happened the woman with the obstacles of getting to Ohio was the recipient of this check...

Until Jor-el, President of Heartbeat International, pulled out 34 additional $5,000 checks made out to each center who came to the Institute on scholarship.

We were speechless. I couldn't get out of my chair. Neither of us could stop weeping. This anonymous donor made an incredibly generous donation that impacted not just First Choice, but so many different centers across the United States. Even as I write this, I'm still in awe.

So what to take home?

God really is fun. And just when we think we're topped off on all He has for us..... He's always willing to surprise us some more.

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