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A Mission From God.

It is surely an exciting time at First Choice.

For the FIRST time in it's history, the ENTIRE staff team is packing up and taking off to attend a full week conference to enhance our knowledge as an organization. The training will allow each staff to specialize in their specific areas and network with women and men who share the same passion and purpose.


In business and leadership, continuing education, refreshing, and refueling is of utmost importance to propel an organization forward. It makes a difference in the unifying of team members, creating efficiency and upping efficacy, as well as rounding out and driving forward knowledge in specific areas.

We knew this year we could not pass it up. Regardless of funding. Regardless of timing. Regardless of the drive.

And with that being said, we are excited to share with you that the Staff Team will be leaving this coming Monday to travel to Chicago to live a full week under the banner of Heartbeat International, immersed in the life and culture of the pregnancy help mission. This year's conference theme is "A Mission From God."

There isn't really a better fitting theme. We know we are each a part of First Choice because God has called us to use our passion and skills to serve in this capacity.

And while we're gone, we encourage you to attend the monthly prayer meeting at Mission Coffee House in Plover. Tuesday morning at 8:30 am. All denominations are welcome! It will simply be an open time to pray for both of the First Choice centers, and our communities.

Our second encouragement and request is that y