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I Walk for Her.

What is a Mother?

She's the women that chose you, loved you, and nurtured you. She's a women of grace, and wisdom, and strength. She kissed your boo-boos and held the cure for a broken heart, and she comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some are biological, some are adopted, and some adopted us.

And, they are all worth celebrating!

<-- This one is mine. She's my favorite. She nurtured and loved me. She sacrificed for me. She showed me how to be strong and how to love all people. She taught me how to dream big, reach goals, and keep stretching further and further.

And she's the reason I'll be walking (maybe even running, maybe) at this year's Walk for Life, Mother's Day weekend.

I'll walk in thanks for the life she provided for me. I'll walk in honor of her servant heart.

And I'll walk because I'm proud of the women who raised me.

And I'll walk for your mom who chose you, loved you, supported you. Who wiped your tears, and most likely your bottom. Whether she planned you, or discovered motherhood unexpectedly.

I'll walk for moms who are in the throws of loving and caring, nurturing and supporting little lives. Mom's with one little, multiples, and multi-aged littles and bigs!

I'll walk for grandmothers and the greats, spirituals moms, and our bff's moms (who are basically our moms anyways). For moms of rainbow babies, those who are still waiting for their rainbows, and mammas to-be in waiting for daddys to-be.

And lastly, I'll walk for the moms to come. The ones who find their way into our doors looking for help and looking for hope. I'll walk for the peace of God that is waiting to envelope those who find themselves searching for answers in our client rooms. I'll walk for the moms looking for a second chance and forgiveness after abortion, those who want to move beyond their past.

All ages and stages, sizes and colors.... know it mammas, I'm walking for you and your family!

And I hope you decide to walk with me too!

Maybe for your mom, or maybe for your wife (men, we need you there too!), but I sure hope I'll meet you face to face, standing tall for moms everywhere!


The Walk for Life will take place Saturday, May 13 at South Wood County Park at Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids. The walk/run will begin at 10am.

For more Walk for Life run/walk details, check out this link! Registration is open! Participants are encouraged to raise $250, but a minimum $25 donation is requested per participant.

If you register by April 29, you'll be guaranteed a Walk for Life t-shirt. And by the way, registration is totally free and easy! You can register here or call 715-345-0280.

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