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On Thankfulness.

Each and every day the Team at First Choice PRC are incredibly thankful for the many things God has blessed us with. But, in honor of Thanksgiving, I want to share some of the things that individual team members are thankful for in our ministry!

I am thankful.....

".... for the staff here. They are AMAZING and always uplift my heart, turning my frown into a smile."

"... I can recognize a miracle in every client that visits our Centers."

"... extremely so for our volunteers!"

"... for our partners, who stand beside us in being a loving part of the community."

"... to have a fulfilling outlet for the gifts and talents God has placed in to me."

"... I learn more about walking with the Holy Spirit as I meet with clients and watch the staff here."

"... to stand in the gap, to love our clients like no one else can."

"... that God chose this are to be served by First Choice! Such a wonderful example of the Gospel!"

"... for the Lord's faithfulness to this ministry! Physical, emotional, and spiritual needs being fed daily by His Grace."

"... First Choice PRC is a place of refuge for the weary, broken, lost, and hurting- For both clients and non-clients alike."

"...for supportive communities that sow prayerfully, financially, and with their time so we can continue to provide resources, education, and abundant hope."

"... [First Choice PRC has helped me to] grow my skills in empathy, conflict resolution, and active listening."

"... for a place for me to take part in God's ministry in Stevens Point."

"... to have the great honor of building relationships with so many different people oftentimes in vulnerable situations; to pour into them and help them celebrate their next chapter in life."

We truly have so much to be thankful for at First Choice PRC. Our ability to serve and serve well has blossomed as we've experienced a growth in our Team, as well as community exposure. We've had the honor to play a part in so many stories, watching men and women transform into daddies and mommies in the most beautiful of ways. We've watched the Lord weave the most impossible stories in to hope, healing, redemption, and promise.

Really, every day we have a brand new reason to be thankful for this ministry and this mission. It's clear this Thanksgiving, each of us will be continuing to give thanks for this precious organization and all we do to serve Central Wisconsin.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday,

From our Team to your family!

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