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What is Love?

As I ponder this question- What is love? - a smile slowly stretches across my face. It's something so abstract and multifaceted, it's hard to put words to it. But, we all know it exactly when we see it.

A dad meeting his newborn for the first time.

A friend hugging you, encouraging you... after a failing grade.

A stranger at the grocery store covering the $8.67 you're short after being too sick to work last week.

A wife winking at her husband as he cooks dinner.

Love. It's perfect. It's all consuming.

Yet, today I see so many get it so very wrong. Women settling for less than they were created for. Men getting stuck in society's game, side stepping what they were created for.

Lust. Games. Confusion. Commitment free. Broken. Lost. Dirty. Loose. No strings. Booty call. Swipe right, left. Drinks. Sexting. Hiding. Non-exclusive. Shame. Fast. Irresponsible. Rude. Easy. Sex. Porn. Zero-expectation. Shallow.

^^ These cover much of the love I experienced in college. Shallow, no strings, rude, shameful, constantly confused. I settled for what I thought I deserved. And that love was dirty, broken, and full of games. I spent countless hours grappling with this reality I had allowed and created. Why? Why? Why would I keep letting this happen?

Truth is, I had zero experience with healthy love. I knew nothing but divorce, division, and an overburdened sense of being baggage. But I t