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Creating Coffee, Community, and Connection

This week I want to take some time out of our busy schedules to celebrate Mission Coffee House. If you've never been there, here's a map to their location, a link to their Facebook, and an extra link their website. You have no excuse now not to go visit :)

We at First Choice adore owner Russ Ehlinger and team at Mission. Not only do we meet to pray for First Choice every third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am at Mission - if you've not been, July 18th is our next date - but the First Choice Team is filled with some especially avid Mission Coffee addicts.

Let me give you a picture of why:

Mission Coffee House thrives on the statement of "creating coffee, community, and connection." And since 2015, they have been doing just that! This year they began roasting their own beans, providing retail and wholesale pricing to fit your need. Whether it's your daily cup of joe with breakfast, or to fill the industrial dispensers for your church's congregation, or perhaps the very coffee that resides in local community coffee shops, Mission will do it! And by doing this, Mission gives back $1 Mission Buck for every pound of coffee sold, to community organizations like First Choice! The aim of Mission Coffee House is really to provide the connection to help empower your organization's mission to thrive, supporting the growing needs of our community.

If that doesn't get you excited to go buy a cup of coffee, or a great lunch, or just shake Russ' hand, I don't know what will!

Seriously though, Mission Coffee House is making a huge difference in our community one cup of coffee at a time, and the fire is just beginning to catch in other community coffee houses too! BluPlay Cafe in Wisconsin Rapids, and the Landmark in Amherst have both partnered with Mission to "create coffee, community, and connection" in their own backyards by adopting Russ' missional mindset of empowering the community (and exclusively brewing and selling Mission Coffee!).

So let me encourage you one more time:


Or later. Or tomorrow morning. But definitely this week. Get to know what the hype is about and consider making Mission Coffee a staple in your home. Those Mission Bucks for organizations in the community really do make a difference and we - as well as the other orgs - sincerely appreciate your coffee purchase and continued support of efforts in our communities.


And to Russ, Cindy B. and I especially thank you for your incredible passion, heart to serve, and consistent effort to make your vision a reality. You truly do have the best coffee house in Central Wisconsin and we're grateful you've made a coffee house that feels like home! We are truly thrilled to see how God is going to use you and your mission to create change, empowerment, and real, lasting, and effective community relationships through coffee, community, and connection. God has enormous plans for you and we're thrilled to keep cheering you on, as well as drink a stellar cup of Mission Coffee :)