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Two Words to Change the World.

In America, abortion is legal at varying stages of pregnancy. In some states, abortion is incredibly accessible. In others, not so much. And all across the country, women have many different reasons for choosing to abort the unborn.

It was unplanned. It's with the wrong guy. There isn't enough money. Finishing school will be impossible. My parents will "kill" me. Pregnancy is harmful to my body. I'm too young. I'm too old. He'll leave me. The church will disown me.

So abortion looks good, even easy, in the face of these reasons.

A women comes up with the means to cover the cost and obtain the services. In a matter of days, a pregnant women is no longer pregnant. A mom is no longer a mom to a living child.

This is America. And it happens every day.

In other countries, things look different. Take the African country of Ghana. Located in Western Africa, the country is a peaceful democracy with many traditional values.

Abortion is not available on request.

But that does not mean that all of the above excuses don't exists.