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Retiring the Walk

The Walk for Life has been a cornerstone event at First Choice for many years. It's brought thousands of dollars to keep doors open and staff on-site. It's been a fun, family event that we hope brought many smiles, much laughter, and a connected feeling to the ministry of First Choice.

Unfortunately, we've made the decision that this will be the final year of the Walk for Life. With attendance and funding steadily declining we are regrettably retiring it.

We are so incredibly thankful for the families, teams, and individuals who have put immense amounts of effort into raising money, participating, and bringing JOY to our event year, after year, after year. You are so imperative to our mission, and we are blessed to team up with you in this movement.

And that's just it. To those who have been with us one year, or all the years, you are a vital piece to this movement. Whether it's through prayer, giving financially, material items for clients (our favorites come with encouraging notes!), spreading the word about what we provide, or just dropping in to say hi, you matter SO MUCH to our organization.

When we meet with a young couple, indecisive because of their pregnancy, your support is what helps them choose life.

When a new mom realizes being a mom is way harder than she had first thought, your support is what provides educational classes to help empower her to succeed at motherhood.

When a grandparents are asked to foster their grandbabies, we are here to provide emotional, spiritual, educational, and material support, only done through your material and financial provision.

When a women realizes abortion is the root cause to her anxiety, anger, and depression and she doesn't know what to do, you make it possible for her to get healing through post-abortive recovery.

So, my purpose in sharing all of this is even though this fundraiser is being retired, we still need your willingness to continue raising funds and supporting First Choice. It is imperative to our organizational well being that funding remains to keep client services provided seven hours a day, four days a week (with the extreme willingness to be flexible for appointments outside our service hours).

I encourage you to continue to stay tuned as we move forward in this new season of First Choice to participate in other upcoming fundraisers, and becoming involved with First Choice in new ways.

Again, your support makes all the difference!

With that my last passing comment regarding the Walk for Life, is there is absolutely still time to register and take part in celebrating the final year! You can register up until the event on Saturday, May 13 at 10:00 am. Registration will open 9:00 am for new participants, or you can register here.

And to keep you updated on where we're at, as of Thursday afternoon we are just over 28% of our total $15,000, with around 50 people registered for the event. Our aim is to exceed our $15,000 goal, as well as exceed last year's number of participants. Please consider pledging $25 to help us reach our goal, or share with a friend how First Choice impacts the Central Wisconsin communities. You can do that here and click give.

Thank you for your continuous support, consistent generosity, and your willingness to support a ministry so desperately needed with our communities. I look forward to seeing how we will move together as a team into this new season.


Stephanie & the First Choice Staff Team

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