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Welcome to Our Field.

We need you.


Who are made in the image of God, desperate to link arms with fellow field workers to change our communities.

Who oozes the nature of Jesus, ready to share His truths to those that need so much to hear it.

Who wears the heart of a servant, ready to provide encouragement, hope, and love to the broke.

We need you.

Our ministry is in for some big changes this year. REALLY big. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to stay up to date, because you don't want to miss this.

But really. It's REALLY big. Which means we need to make some REALLY big adjustments to our volunteer team. We have been blessed from the efforts of a handful of incredible volunteers, including the long standing, dedicated Karyn B. As well as Cheryl E., Anna Marie T., Karen P., Aliya T., Annika L. and Peggy R.

We LOVE you ladies. We thank God every day for your support and servant hearts. You are our treasures!

But, we need some additional hands. Precious women and men who want to serve as advocates providing support to clients who enter our doors. We need volunteers willing to provide compassion and hope to those whom have never received either. Humble hearts whose vision is to transform our communities into something extraordinary one family at a time.

If you're heart is to serve new families in your community, 'save the babies' but even more so love the mammas and daddies, or educate caregivers, this is your place. First Choice could possibly be your new volunteer opportunity. In Wisconsin Rapids or Stevens Point, you could begin transforming lives!

So, if you're curiosity has been piqued, even just a little bit, PLEASE call me or email me: 715-345-0280 OR

I would love to share with you more in depth our training process and the full responsibilities of advocates.

Please, PLEASE share this with your friends, family, and church! We want to be able to serve in the best possible capacity our clients in Central Wisconsin. And to do that, we need you!

Which leads me to this last bit and my disclaimer. Advocacy isn't for everyone, and advocacy isn't what makes the pregnancy center wheel turn (entirely). It takes devotion, faith, strength and trust. It takes transparency and honesty. It takes time, training, and practice. BUT, you can still be a HUGE asset to Team First Choice if advocacy isn't for you through your prayers... through financial contributions... by being a social media cheer leader!

Share with your family and friends why you support this ministry. Ask your pastor if your church could support First Choice monthly, or host an event to bring awareness. Get excited and participate in First Choice events! Really, the options are vast.

We're just happy, and incredibly thankful, to have you on our Team.



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